​IMPROVE BACK PAIN: Eliminate BACK PAIN & feel GOOD AGAIN with our specialized BACK therapy.

SPECIALTY LABS: We can help identify a variety of disorders that often elude traditional medical testing (incl., heavy metals, allergies, hormone deficiencies, nutritional deficiencies, etc.).

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: We routinely use state of the art medical treatment alternatives that have been found in our clinical practice to be both safe and effective for our patients.


Royal Medical CLINIC


AUTOLOGUS CELL THERAPY:  Your own NATURAL CELLS, obtained from your own blood to help it heal and promote optimal health, is the basis of Dr. Royal's patent pending autologous CELL THERAPY that has been found to be not only CUTTING EDGE MEDICINE but safe, non-invasive & completely NATURAL without side-effects.

​​​JOINT PAIN THERAPY: Eliminate JOINT PAIN & feel years younger with our specialized joint therapy.

IV THERAPY: INTRAVENEOUS THERAPY is used to treat fatigue as well as and a variety of acute & chronic maladies in a safe, supervised & highly professional environment.